Natalie Toren at Gather x Aesop Event

Natalie Toren is an LA-based creative consultant.

Toren has a multi-disciplinary background.  As a fashion stylist, she spent her career collaborating with other creative professionals to craft a strong visual language for a brand, personality or script. She is also a writer and has been published in T Magazine, NY Magazine, Freunde Von Freunden, Gather, Allure and other media outlets. She holds a profound interest in perfumery and has studied under the teachings of perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler at The Institute for Art and Olfaction.

Through all these mediums: that of scent, in the creation of sartorial imagery, and in the written word, she finds the connective tissue is immersive sensory storytelling. In this way, Toren is uniquely suited for special projects that cross-pollinate from different disciplines in a consulting, managing, or executing role.

She was born and raised in New York City; a scent memory which she would recapture as sweltering asphalt under the hot summer sun, bodega roses in crisp cellophane, and sawdust co-mingling with smoked fish at the deli counter.

She lives with her husband and young daughter in the Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles. They have three refrigerators devoted to “special projects.”