Natalie Toren at Gather x Aesop Event

Natalie Toren is an LA-based creative consultant with a special interest in scent. 

She is invested in a future for design, experience, eating and education that employs a more considered use of scent and its many facets.

Her profound interest in perfumery, always a steady hum in the background, came to the forefront through the teachings of perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler at The Institute for Art and Olfaction, where Toren studied raw materials (natural and synthetic). Highly sensitive and incessantly curious, she believes that experiencing life with special attention to the scents on and around your body allows for a deeper connectedness to the present, to one's self, and a rich interplay with others. She pursues fragrances that elicit a total body reaction of loveliness, of interest, or of provocation. 

Toren has a multi-disciplinary background.  As a fashion stylist, she spent her career collaborating with other creative professionals to craft a strong visual language for a brand, personality or script. She is also a writer and has been published in T Magazine, Freunde Von Freunden, Gather, Allure and other media outlets. Through all these mediums: that of scent, in the creation of sartorial imagery, and in the written word, she finds the connective tissue is immersive sensory storytelling.

She was born and raised in New York City; a scent memory which she would recapture as sweltering asphalt under the hot summer sun, bodega roses in crisp cellophane, and sawdust co-mingling with smoked fish at the deli counter.

She lives with her husband and young daughter in the Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles.



Toren has been deeply rooted in fashion for a decade. She is known for a refined sense of chic, an ever-present emphasis on textile quality and material, and the highly collaborative ethic that results in beautiful images with maximum impact. She started her career with rare exposure to iconic stylists and photographers in the industry, working at the New York offices of Nylon and Allure as the executive assistant to the Editor in Chief at both magazines. In 2010 she relocated to Los Angeles as a freelance fashion stylist. Toren has built up a huge body of work across editorial fashion, celebrity portraiture, and advertising campaigns in print and motion. Her personal portfolio highlights are displayed in the gallery section

She is available upon request for styling and fashion consulting/ special projects.


Inspired by subcultures and fascinated by eccentricity, Toren has always been drawn to writing about fantastic things and the people who shape them. Fashion, food and beverage, fragrance, beauty, and other gifts to the human sensory experience has been her commissioned beat for the likes of T Magazine, Freunde von Freunden, Allure, Nylon, and Gather Journal. Clips can be read in the gallery section.

Her dream would be to profile Zadie Smith, Nicolas Ghesquière, Terry Gross, and the late Robert Delpire.

Select Press:

Mill Magazine Japan

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